threadFor four years, I contributed to Ohio University’s only online fashion and culture publication, Thread magazine. I served as features editor from May 2016 until April 2017. Below are links to some of the stories I pitched and edited, as well as stories that I wrote.


Please Subscribe A series of interviews with beauty gurus on YouTube who explain their journeys to becoming influencers to vast online audiences. 

Unhooked “Unraveling the stigmas behind the culture of casual relationships.”

Supporting Sounds “Athens Rock Camp for Girls [is] an after-school program that provides girls between the ages of 10 and 18 with a safe environment to learn and grow in music.” 

Behind the Blowout A Brazilian hair straightening treatment, also known as the Brazilian blowout, can dramatically transform bedhead into dependable, silky smooth strands.” 

Socialite Looking into a new interpretation of “celebrity.”

Glow Up “The time has come to set aside the tricky trend of contouring, and focus on bringing light to the face with makeup’s newest trend: strobing.”


Au Naturel The evolution of African-American hair from the ‘good hair’/’bad hair’ battle to a ‘natural’ community.”

Confidence for All Project Beauty Share is a non-profit organization that is restoring confidence in all women, through women. 

Foundation Representation Women with skin tones darker than “Medium Olive” and lighter than “Fair” are tired of being underrepresented by the beauty industry.  

Break the Rules “‘What does it mean to be a boy who wears makeup?’ is a lingering question that has made its way to the forefront of everyday conversation.”

The Right Fit Sizing disparities in American women’s clothing lines (specifically fast fashion) causes many shoppers grief and inconvenience. 

Lasting Lens A tribute to the legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham.

Temporary Tresses A guide for purchasing and wearing hair extensions.